Technical Director

Sarang Kim

Hello, I'm the Manager of Perfect Net development. Our PerfectNet has built a perfect network to provide business owners with reliable. We want an eternal partnership where we can help each other. There are many agency companies, but within the period specified in the contract, The current situation is that it is difficult to find a company with a high completion rate. But at PerfectNet, we are maintain a completion rate of 100%. If there is a backlog of work, no new contracts will be made within a certain period of time and all requests will be processed so that they can be completed within the promised period. It is not just a matter of creating a site, but even after creation, through our various services. I want to be the perfect partner that can consistently help business owners.

Education: Diploma of Information Technology | TWoA
Native: New Zealand
E-Mail: [email protected]
Skills: C++, Python, Java, PHP, MariaDB, MySQL, Linux, Flutter, SEO

Our Product


Web Soulution Develop

We are develop for solution that Company Management Panel, Shopping mall, Company Homepage and In-depth development with APIs


Cloud Server Hosting

We sell Virtual Servers and Domains with 12 years of experience in an efficient setting. Linux / Windows / Kali Linux


Digital Online Marketing

We run SNS, Naver, Google, Open Commerce advertisements with optimized settings for each client.

Contract Progress


1. Online Consultation

When you apply for a quote online, a technical manager will contact you directly by phone/E-Mail/Telegram Messenger


2. Meeting

If an on-site meeting is necessary, the person in charge will meet directly at our company, the client's company, or a convenient location or Skype / Telegram


3. Sign Contract

After mutually reviewing the contract, sign the contract


4. Planning Progress

Receive and plan the client's documents needed for production


5. Design Progress

Once planning is complete, a professional designer will work on the site design


6. Development Progress

Publishing & development is carried out based on the design draft


7. Confirm Progress

Conduct error testing and functional testing


8. Grand Open

Apply the real domain to the homepage and open

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